Tarzan thought a moment. "You've got to go with me," he

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"Since the prophet is dead--" he began.

Tarzan thought a moment.

Murmurs interrupted him. Many persons believed that Elias was not dead, but had only disappeared.

Tarzan thought a moment.

Eleazar rebuked those who had interrupted him; and continuing, asked:

Tarzan thought a moment.

"And dost thou believe that he has indeed come to life again?"

"Why should I not believe it?" Jacob replied.

The Sadducees shrugged their shoulders. Jonathas, opening wide his little eyes, gave a forced, buffoon-like laugh. Nothing could be more absurd, said he, than the idea that a human body could have eternal life; and he declaimed, for the benefit of the proconsul, this line from a contemporaneous poet:

Nec crescit, nec post mortem durare videtur.

By this time Aulus was leaning over the side of the pavilion, with pale face, a perspiring brow, and both hands outspread on his stomach.


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